Tuffy Cape Coral Advice on What to Pour into Your Vehicle

March 6, 2022

Changes in vehicle design and manufacture have resulted in changed fluid requirements for our vehicles. With the sophistication of engines, transmissions, differentials, etc., it's best for Cape Coral residents to always use the proper type of fluid for their vehicle. Using incorrect fluids can ... More

Charge It in Cape Coral for Extended Battery Life

June 13, 2021

Here's an interesting statistic for our in Cape Coral, Florida, drivers: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to just 30 months in extremely hot climates.Why is that? It turns out... More

Using Proper Fluids in Your vehicle

June 6, 2021

Today, Tuffy Cape Coral is writing about the proper fluids for your vehicle. It's become more complicated with changes in automotive design and manufacturing. It's not that people in Cape Coral are confused as much as they don't realize how much things have changed in recent years. If you have q... More

A Stitch in Time at Tuffy Cape Coral

June 5, 2021

You probably have heard that expression, "A stitch in time saves nine." In other words, if you fix an issue at its early stages, it will prevent a much more difficult problem later. That's certainly the case with your vehicle, and here's a true story to demonstrate it. A driver noticed his vehicl... More